Brands We Carry

Scale.Rentals has over three decades of building relationships with vendors in order to provide you with exactly the product you are looking for. We get many calls for specific brands and products that we have had experience with, both positive and negative. We will gladly share these experiences with our customers to help them make more informed choices. Every manufacturer has their strengths and weaknesses. We tend to stock items that have the greatest strengths from the manufacturers we represent. This list is not all the companies that we sell products for, it is a list of companies that we will recommend products from. This list will also let us point out where each company is strong.

GSE Scale Systems

GSE is now an Avery Weigh-Tronix company. GSE is an industry leader in high performance programmable indicators. If you need it done your way - GSE can do it thanks to the high level of customizations provided by their products

Rice Lake

Rice Lake has become the company that can provide all things to all people for scales. Their high end indicators are very capable and their truck scales and floor scales are some of the finest in the industry.

Avery Weigh-Tronix

Avery Weigh-Tronix has been a leader in innovation for many decades. They have some scales that I would have to call indestructable due to the quality of construction We are happy to offer Weigh-Tronix premium scale products.


With their unique load cell technology, we can provide counting accuracy and high resolution solutions that are amazing. Setra products provide great quality and convenience where inventory management and precision are needed.

A&D Weighing

A&D Weighing provides us with a broad line of top-loading scales. Their NTEP (legal for trade) portioning scales are a wonderful value. A&D also provides a fine selection of high end balances and precision weighing equipment as well.


Ohaus is an industry leader in high precision analytical balances. Many are equiped with statistical functions and graphic user displays. The quality of their products are second to none within our industry.


CAS provides us with a variety of scale products, most notably their NTEP portion scales and their point of sale scales. We also feature their line of wheel weighers for weighing trucks where ever you go.

Doran Scales Inc.

Doran offers some of the finest bench scales made. They are an industry leader in washdown and hard use scales that are nearly indistructable. If you need a bench scale that you can leave to your children, look no further.


Chatillon products are targeted to production and quality control applications where customers have a need for accurate, reliable and easy-to-use instrumentation to assess their products’ performance and physical attributes in both destructive and non-destructive testing.

Intelligent Weighing Tech.

Intelligent Weighing Technology provides a variety of bench scales and balances that are economical and yet very high quality. Intelligent Weighing scales are not like other imported scales, they have been tested and customized to be a fantastic value as well as very reliable and high performance.


Sartorius is a German company with extensive experience in high precision products with a focus on phamacutical, food, research and biotech industries. Their products include some of the most accurate scales available.